My name is Steve Hayes and I live in the Wayne National Forest of Southern Ohio. I have been a resident here in what I refer to as "God's church" for almost fifteen years. While surrounded by natures most unspoiled pristine beauty, the woods also harbors the most sinister of evil that most normal and caring people can't begin to fathom; Hunters do and will kill your dogs!

This site most certainly recognizes and respects sportsman who could not do such a heinous act. Unfortunately, there are many who look at your pet or companion animal as an obstacle in their way to shoot and kill a trophy deer. In their sick sense of priority, killing or poisoning your family pet means absolutely nothing to them in pursuit of their own personal pleasures.

Understand that the information gathered on this website will not change a mentally cruel individual from not doing what they have done in the past. It is designed to warn you and your friends that to let free roaming pets into the woods during any kind of hunting season anywhere is honestly sending them into the jaws of doom. Thousands of instances exist across rural America where animals will simply just disappear from the face of the Earth to the awful heartbreak and sadness of the families that loved them. At least I was lucky enough to have closure in the loss of my best friend where so many others are left to wonder what happened for the rest of their lives.

This site is dedicated to "Diva" to help educate you to the practices of soul vacant individuals and to inform you of other perils plus the laws that you have in protecting one of your most defenseless of family members. Again, I want to stress that this is not a vendetta against those who do hunt responsibly; it is to warn you of the ones who don't!